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How It Works

Automotive Service The Easy Way

  • Safe, clean and contact-less

    • Licensed and Bonded

    • ASE certified technicians

    • Fully contained system – no concern of spilled oil

    • Commitment to the environment - 100% of the used oil is recycled

  • Purchasing Process:

    • Your employer will let you know what days we are going to be on-site at your location.

    • Purchase Online: Simply choose the services you would like to purchase from our easy-to-understand menu.

    • Schedule your time frame: Our scheduling software allows you to pick the time of day that works best for you.  We schedule on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • Drop off your keys: Meet our Here & Now Representative at the designated location described in your booking confirmation notification.

    • Pick up your keys: After your service is complete you will be notified by text or email.  Come pick up your keys when you are ready.  A service report will be provided to you and your car will already be back in it’s parking spot.

  • Service Process:

    • After we have your keys, our trained Professional Driver will carefully drive your car to our Mobile Service Center and park it inside.  Your parking spot will be blocked off until your car is returned.

    • Our Professional Driver does not perform service work, so your car will remain as clean as you left it.

    • Our technicians will perform the services you ordered online.  This can take as little as seven minutes using our revolutionary process.

    • After the service is complete, our Professional Driver returns your car to the same parking spot and secures your keys until you return to pick them up.  

  • Our Equipment

    • Custom-built Mobile Service Trailer

      • Specifically built to our streamlined services

      • Our services are limited, but what we do - we do extremely well

    • Top of the line equipment

    • ASE Certified technicians

If you would like Here & Now Auto to come to your workplace, check out our For Employers page.

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