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About Us

Here & Now Auto was started in early 2020 by four Cedar Rapids based professionals with a simple idea in mind, "There has got to be a better way to get an oil change".


With the goal of solving this problem, the team built a process of providing automotive services in a mobile setting.  By partnering with employers, Here & Now is able to service cars while people are working.  Requiring absolutely no time out of your day to take care of this chore.

Our Story

It all began on a fishing trip.

Two old buddies and one of their 9 year-old sons set out for Northeast Iowa to catch some trout.  On the morning drive the typical gripes and complaints drifted to the hassle of getting an oil change both had recently experienced.  A shared entrepreneurial spirit led to a day-long running conversation about solving this problem.

The conversation continued through fields, forests, streams and gravel roads as the crew pursued their mission for fish.  Pickup air conditioning and gas station food fueled the impassioned discussion, only waning momentarily to try to persuade the 9 year-old that the combination of Cheetos, pickles, and hard-boiled eggs from a gas station was an ill-advised lunch.

By late afternoon the fishing had slowed, but the ideas were speeding up.  As they began the drive for home, the answer was drawing nearer.  Parked on the side of the highway while the 9 year-old removed the ill-advised lunch from his stomach, the idea solidified.

The two set out to make this a reality for everyone.  They assembled a team of energetic go-getters, designed the equipment and software, and made this idea a reality.

Meet The Team
(With amusing school yearbook photos)

Our Clients

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